Social Skills

Difficulties with social interactions are the most common deficits related to autism spectrum disorders.Rainbow Therapy clinicians create opportunities for social interactions and design social skills programs and goals that create the building blocks towards meaningful social interactions and making friends.

Challenging Behavior Reduction/Crisis Management

Addressing challenging behaviors begins with developing trust between therapist and client. Once this is established, children and young adults who display challenging behaviors benefit from function-based intervention plans. These are designed to address the reasons why the maladaptive behaviors occur and provide opportunities for alternative, appropriate behavior to be displayed instead.Some of these replacement behaviors might include requesting a break instead of engaging in escape behavior or engaging in more appropriate behavior to obtain attention or desired items. Rainbow Therapy also provides more immediate Crisis Management assistance and treatment plans as needed.

Coping Strategies

Even when challenging behaviors have been reduced, sometimes children and young adults with autism have a difficult time coping when things do not go their way.Rainbow Therapy clinicians teach clients different strategies to tolerate unforeseen or unexpected events and situations, including abrupt changes in routine.


This is the key to unlock accelerated growth and development.Rainbow Therapy clinicians are experts in Verbal Behavior (VB), Functional Communication Training (FCT), Pivotal Response Training (PRT), and other language acquisition systems. We work with the client’s family and support system to determine the most effective way for the client to communicate.

Play and Leisure Skills

Sometimes, learning how to appropriately occupy downtime is a skill that needs to be taught. At Rainbow Therapy, our therapists implement programs that teach various play and leisure activities through modeling procedures. These learned activities oftentimes become preferred activities that can even be used as reinforcers for skill acquisition programs in other areas. Our play and leisure programs quickly become favorites for our parents.

Academic Concepts

The quality of work completed in school improves with 1-on-1 instruction at home.
Rainbow therapists teach the prerequisite skills for your child or young adult to be successful in school.These include attending skills, spatial relations, listener response training, and more.

Independent Living Skills

Rainbow therapists promote independence as much as possible.We teach children and young adults how to do things for themselves, rather than do it for them.Rainbow Therapy clinicians believe in least to most prompting whenever possible, and our focus is to create opportunities to learn throughout the natural environment.